Punta Gorda
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We have three types of membership: Active (Individual) Member, Corporate Member, and Flexible Member.  

Active Membership is for the individual who will be attending weekly meetings on a regular basis.  Dues are billed quarterly in advance at $16.00 per month; also billed quarterly in advance are all meals in the quarter at $15.00 per meal.

Corporate Membership applies to companies who wish their employees to be involved in service to the community. A participating member is designated by the member business; when the designee leaves employment, transfers, or is no longer able to represent the business, the Corporate Member assigns a new designee participant.  Dues and meals are billed in the same manner as an Active Member. 

Flexible Membership is for the individual whose schedule doesn't allow them to regularly attend weekly meetings, but they desire to be involved in service projects and meetings as time allows.  Dues are billed quarterly in advance at $21.00 per month; meals are paid upon meeting attendance at $15.00 per meal.

Induction Process:  Prospective members are invited to attend weely meetings by a sponsoring member; our hope is you will like what you see and feel welcomed.  A prospective new member may attend three meetings at no charge while observing.  A new member application will be completed and submitted to the Board of Directors for apporval on the first Tuesday of the month.  Once the application has been approved, the new member will attend a free educational luncheon to learn more about Kiwanis International as well as the Kiwanis Club of Punta Gorda.  Induction is a simple, yet dignified, ceremony in which the new member is presented to the Club by the sponsoring member.  The new member will be given a brief time to introduce themselves to the Club.

Membership Application: Click Here

There is a one-time Initiation Fee of $75 to be submitted with the Member Application