Punta Gorda
Serving the Children of the World

“Fill the Trunk Car Show”

      Assisted by

The Veteran Motor Car Club of America

On Saturday, February 23, 2019 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

@ First Baptist Church Punta Gorda


Car entry fee: $10.00 and at least one package of

kids and adult Athletic socks*

Cars to arrive starting at 8:00 am.  Any car may be entered.

 So businesses, sponsor a car and see how many socks you can get. 

Let the competition begin!


Public entry fee:  $5.00 or at least one package of Athletic socks *


50/50:   3 for $2.00;   10 for $5.00;   Car Length for $20

Trophies - Judges Choice

Peoples’ Choice Award (Annual Traveling Trophy):

Based upon number of socks in the trunk

(Even if put there by car owner or their friends)

Last year’s winner collected 1,428 pairs of socks


*All sizes needed, child through adult; Low-Cut or No-Show preferred


Contacts:    Larry Taylor 391-0988 – Punta Gorda Kiwanis Chair


All socks go to kids in Charlotte County Schools who need socks for school.



Our Socks for Kids Program Contributes Socks to Thousands of

Needy Children in Charlotte County

    In speaking with social workers and school nurses, the number one need we kept hearing about for local school students was the need for socks and undies. Many families have been hit hard economically and barely have enough money to provide the most urgently needed items for their children. Because socks and undies aren't "seen," they are often the items that are sacrificed when money is tight. This is true for students of all ages and grades. Older students may act out or refuse to participate in P.E. because they know the embarrassment of not having proper underclothes and having to change in front of their peers. There are also many homeless children in our school system for whom the basic "necessities" may seem like a luxury.

    Together, we can do something positive to change a child's life! 

    We have 2 events each year to raise socks and undies. Our biggest "Sock Raiser" is our Fill the Trunk Car Show which takes place each March at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center, hosted in partnership with the Veteran's Motor Car Club of America Charlotte County Chapter. Many beautiful antique cars are on display, as well as a variety of other vehichles. Businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals collect socks and enter a vehichle of any type into our Car Show.  The "entry fee" to attend the car show is at least one package of socks. The attendees then "vote" for their favorite vehichle by placing their socks into the trunk. The "People's Choice" trophy is a large annual travelling trophy awarded to the person or group who collects the most number of socks in their vehichle.

    Each April, local churches participate in Undie Sunday.  We are grateful for their support of local kids!

    In the fall, the socks and undies are taken to the schools to be distributed by the dedicated school nurses.  These folks see the real needs of the students in their school and are our hands in meeting those needs.


Please see our Events page for details!

To participate, contact Larry Taylor at 941-391-0988



Thank you for Supporting Socks for Kids!